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Parliya Herbal is a very famous online store in Bangladesh. We began our journey in 2017 April. Aiming to deliver our Bangladeshi customers the best quality homemade herbal cosmetics items. Looking into our catalog, you will find products that include Health and Beauty. Parliya Herbal is the best herbal cosmetics Shop in Bangladesh.
There are many herbal cosmetics shops in Bangladesh, but the best one is undoubtedly the Parliya Herbal.

The online store is located in the heart of Dhaka. The digital marketing staff are friendly and helpful, and they always go out of their way to make sure that customers are happy.

The Parliya Herbal is the perfect place to buy cosmetics and it is also a great place to share your problem and we try to solve our best . If you are ever in Bangladesh, be sure to take an order our product. You will amazed undoubtedly.

The Company Founder:

Parliya Herbal used to be an online local retailer of products. Seeing the growth of online shopping, Parliya Herbal decided to move towards an online-based platform. There are a lot of people who are cheating customers into buying fake, unauthentic goods and delivering bad customer service. Parliya Herbal wanted to find such problems, which was another reason for making Parliya Herbal an online business.

Our Services:

Parliya Herbal offers cash on delivery for customer’s preferences. Customers can buy bulk products at wholesale price. It is comparatively cheaper than buying individual items, so many buyers opt for it. Customers have the option to return or replace the products whenever they want to. We are available 24/7. You can communicate with us through email, phone, or using social media. We have a chat option built-in to our site, so you can contact us from there also.

Our Speciality:

The specialty of Parliya Herbal is that all its products are made with 100% herbal ingredients at home. Herbal face pack for skin, face wash, face cream and even herbal shampoo for hair, herbal pack etc. products can be easily found at Parliya Herbal. The products are made with great care from manufacturing to packaging. Also Anika Tahsin Shadia herself informs the consumers about the qualities of her products through live every day.

Beauty Care Products:

There are a wide variety of beauty care products available on the market, so it is important to do some research to find the products that are right for you. Make sure to read the labels carefully and pay attention to the ingredients to ensure that you are not allergic to any of them.
Once you have found the perfect products for your needs, be sure to use them as directed. And, most importantly, enjoy the process!

Company Legality:

A completely legally established and managed company, Parliya Herbal has been building a place of trust among consumers for the past six years. One step at a time, Parliya Herbal’s Facebook page is now a family of one lakh followers. Currently, more than two thousand customers are regularly purchasing products from Parliya Herbal. Parliya Herbal have trade license, Bin Certificate, Digital Business Identification Number and all legal documents to run the business legally.

Payment Process:

Customers can pay via Cash-On-Delivery, Bkash, Rocket & Nagad. Also pay with bank account. Cash on delivery system is commonly chosen by most customers because of its convenience factors. We also want customers to check their products before paying, this helps to build their trust in us. If customers have any issues with either of the three payment options, then they can contact us for an alternative solution. We accept half advance payment for orders outside Dhaka only.

Once you place an order, our customer service team will confirm with you before delivering the product. All of the products will be checked by our quality control team to make sure that the product is up to date and authentic, then it will be sent to customers. You will receive products within 24 hours after ordering. We are currently operational inside Bangladesh.

Owner Intro:

Anika Tahsin Shadia is a successful woman entrepreneur working uncompromisingly in skin care. A different interest in herbal cosmetics inspired her to make skincare products from natural ingredients at home and shaped her own venture – Parliya Herbal.

Anika Tahsin favors herbal ingredients in skin or hair care. This budding entrepreneur started exploring how to make herbal cosmetics products at home with all-natural ingredients and took several courses. She became an expert in this subject by taking a course on making cosmetics from almost all the reliable Facebook pages of Bangladesh. She has also done an online course on herbal cosmetics making at an institute in New Delhi. This entrepreneur is going to get the title of International Herbalist very soon with the professional exam.

Anika Tahsin , the founder of Parliya Herbal, worked in various positions of responsibility in various reputed organizations before founding Parliya Herbal . She even held the position of operational manager and skin care trainer in the world famous multinational company Unilever Project. It was during her stay that she became interested in working with skin and hair care. Then this budding entrepreneur made his debut when the world came to a standstill in the lockdown of Covid-19. Also she completed her post graduate by the reputed private university.

In the future, Anika Tahsin is determined to take Parliya Herbal further and increase awareness about herbal products by reducing people’s addiction to chemical cosmetics.

The most important thought :
Anika Tahsin said women can do anything they want. All you need is will power and patience.

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